Services and processes

Experience and dedication for tungsten carbide, from raw material to finished product.

 We continually invest in innovation and technology to meet increasingly complex demands and increasingly demanding requirements in terms of quality, flexibility, responsiveness and competitiveness. Ensuring a personal, reliable and lasting partnership is an integral part of our competence.

Advice and design Advise, design & development

Thanks to the expertise of our technicians, modern IT support and extensive experience in the field, we are able to offer you a design service that aims to develop even the most complicated requirements.

By looking at specifications, designs, prototypes and samples, our customers can follow the entire design procedure, as well as the feasibility analysis and project schedule.

Grades Grades

The creation of a high performance product begins with choosing the right mix of materials for your needs. Cemented carbides are made using different compositions of WC, TaC, TiC, NbC, Ru, Co/Ni and other substances that determine how hard a product will be, depending on its intended use.

We have countless different types of extremely high quality mixtures capable of satisfying all requirements.

On request, we can also create new mixtures to improve and increase the lifespan of your product.

We will be happy to advise you to find an optimal solution.


Mould construction Mould construction

We have a department dedicated to the design, construction and maintenance of moulds used in production.

This is an important advantage in considerably shortening the time required to manufacture new products or modify existing ones.

Our specialised personnel are constantly trained and upgraded and use the most modern CAD-CAM software for programming the CNC machines. As well as high quality and stable equipment.

Production Production – powder compacting

We are able to press geometrically complex shapes, with pinpoint precision, even when using raw workpieces.

Thanks to our well-equipped range of press machinery, we can comply with requests of any type and size:

  • Several electric powder presses CNC DORST, 30 tons, automatic
  • Several mechanical powder presses CNC DORST, 15 tons
  • Various hydraulic powder presses, from 30 to 350 tons
  • An isostatic press SIMAC

Sintering Sintering process

We have special ovens of various sizes and technologies, which allow us to be more flexible in terms of delivery time, quantity and quality:

  • 3 vacuum furnaces of various sizes
  • 1 sinter-HIP furnace

Grinding Finishing-shaping

We can offer different types of grinding according to customer requirements:

  • Plane grinding, using a high-precision double-disc grinding machine
  • Perimeter grinding using automatic Agathon machines
  • Precision, high-tech micro-blasting for incredibly homogenous surfaces and honing
  • Cylindrical internal-external and centreless grinding

Quality control and laboratory analysis Analysis & quality control

To guarantee high quality standards for our products, we carry out quality checks at every phase of the production process right through to the finished product.

We have a well-equipped and modern laboratory. This allows us to examine not only the physio-technological and metallographic characteristics of our materials, but also their size and quality requirements:

  • 3D optical measurement machines CNC
  • Metallographic microscopes
  • Hardness tester HRA
  • Density balance
  • Stereomicroscopes
  • Measuring projector
  • Several other instruments
  • News 2022 – robot station for automatic dimensional and visual inspection and packaging

Logistics Logistics

We can offer you interesting storage solutions for those products you may often require in large quantities throughout the year.

Here are your advantages:

  • You have tailor-made stock at no extra charge
  • You save on production costs
  • Our delivery times are shorter