Technological trends and innovations within this sector are continuously being improved and perfected in order to be able to use increasingly sophisticated machinery applications more efficiently.

For example, CN work centres, or machinery for processing “difficult” materials like super-alloys, or a mix of materials which between them have very different characteristics, such as steel, cast iron, brass, copper, aluminium and bronze, even when they are in an unstable state.

We design and manufacture tailor-made solutions to achieve highly efficient products in any type of processing.

For processing different materials using the same tool, we can create various new kinds of “multipurpose” cemented carbides on request.

Our production range includes:

  • Raw or finished inserts for milling, turning, trimming, threading and any other kind of use
  • Upper- and lower-tips
  • Discs
  • Sliding blocks
  • Brazing tips and saw tips
  • Bushes
  • Rings
  • Round bars
  • Blades
  • Any other geometric shape according to the customer’s specifications